The Greenery: a pioneering sustainable chain director

The story

Satisfied growers who have more time to produce high-quality fruits and vegetables

The Greenery is a fruit, vegetable and mushroom sales organization, with some 500 growers connected to it. Together, they supply supermarkets, wholesalers and caterers across the country with healthy, affordable, high-quality food.

It’s a huge logistics operation, made even more complex by the fact that supply and demand from chain partners changes constantly. That’s why The Greenery and Incentro developed a comprehensive online portal, in which growers can easily manage their deliveries and stocks.

What we did

Design, implementation, support

Service lines

Digital transformation


Logistics, wholesale


May 2017


Mendix, Dell BOomi, SAP, AD FS

Our challenge

Overview is everything

To supply supermarkets, wholesalers and caterers with top-quality fruit, vegetables and mushrooms every day, it’s essential that distributer The Greenery has a complete and up-to-the-minute overview of all stock and planned deliveries from growers.

In the past, the complications had deep roots, since there was a different portal for almost every action a grower needed to complete. Review orders, enter growth prognoses, order transportation: the grower had to do every one of these things separately.

So, the million-dollar question arose: how can we make sure growers can pass on their inventory data quickly and easily? To find the answer, we had to go back to the source. Get our fingers in the soil.

Our visit to the growers in their workplace was an eye-opener! The problem quickly became crystal-clear: growers were struggling with complicated data-entry actions. This didn't only cost them tons of time, it often cost them their good mood.

Floris Weegink Account Manager at Incentro

About The Greenery

Fresh fruit and vegetables for every consumer. That’s The Greenery’s mission. But how do they manage that? By working intensively with the more than 500 Dutch growers who’ve joined their sales organization. With respect for people and planet, the collective strives for sustainable and socially responsible cultivation. Every link in the chain gets a fair price, to guarantee high-quality products. All year long.

The process

A clear inventory portal and user-friendly management app in four weeks

With all that extensive fieldwork behind us, we focused all our energy on improving grower satisfaction. The result was GreenChain: a user-friendly portal in which The Greenery gets optimal insight into stocks. And one important element of the digital platform was the mobile app that lets growers easily report on their inventory, anywhere, anytime. That allowed growers to spend more time doing what they love to do: growing the highest quality fruits and vegetables.

Since grower convenience was a top priority, it made sense to work with them from the very beginning. During the Inception Deck phase, we mapped both grower and Greenery interests. Within four weeks, business and technology came together, got evaluated and got tested.

The first step was to determine the minimum amount of data that The Greenery needed from growers to optimize stock management. We then developed an IT architecture to standardize this data for all growers, and to automate as many steps as possible. The biggest advantage for growers? They could complete everything in one go, without waiting for external parties to act.

The result

A win-win situation in the fruit and vegetable value chain

GreenChain ensure happy growers with more time to devote to their passion: cultivating the highest quality fruits and vegetables. Success you can taste!!

Wat does The Greenery say?

They took the points that we mentioned seriously, and used them to create the new portal and adapt it to our wishes.

– Werner Louwerse, Cauliflower and fennel grower



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An average of 500 growers per week

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