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At Incentro we do everything for your digital environment. He deserves the very best. That is precisely why we are a partner of BloomReach and we work with BloomReach Experience: a user-friendly CMS package, tailor-made for customized work. In this way we make exactly what you want and need.

platinum partner

With BloomReach Experience you create and manage top-level content. Personal, relevant and distinctive. This way you work on your brand experience, higher conversion and an optimal customer journey. BloomReach has a solution for every purpose. Together we look for the one that best fits your organization.

Incentro has been Hippo Platinum Partner since 2012, and BloomReach since Hippo took over the company in 2017. So we have been working together for years and seamlessly connect with each other. What that means? We know what we are talking about. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we can see how we achieve your goals in no time. Or rather: how we achieve our goals. We're in it together.

knowledge is match

In addition to technology and underlying systems, we also devote a great deal of attention to sharing and connecting. For example, we organize events where you and other organizations can learn from each other. We now have a large network of BloomReach experts, both indoors and outdoors. Keeping you informed of the latest developments and newest tips and tricks is a breeze!

who says a ...

After our Incentronauts have created beautiful things for you, they can also manage them for you. Our specialist team is available day and night in Santander, Spain. Together we determine the strategy, implement it and report on the results to you on a monthly basis. Read more about our management team here.

BloomReach Experience

Incentro likes to work with BloomReach Experience, the cms for an optimal customer journey. Want to know more about this?

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Martijn Vrielink

Managing director


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