With the infrastructure of Google Cloud, we help clients innovate, modernize and scale-up.

Cloud is the leapfrog technology that supports innovative organizations to harvest unlimited power and state of the art technology against a very cost effective pay per use model. We support our customers throughout the African continent with their digital transformation and adopt cloud technology.

As the only Google Premier partner in the region, we support dozens of enterprises in this cloud journey. With over 10+ years of experience as a Google partner, delivering a broad range of Google Cloud solutions for enterprises in Europe, we expanded into the African market in early 2017. Since then we are trusted by more than 100 organizations across the continent. Through heavily investing in local capacity, we’ve grown a sizable team of certified experts that support you with a range of solutions. Our multiple specializations and partner expertises show our proven expertise in these fields.

Enterprise collaboration

Now, more than ever it is important to work from anywhere at any time. Having a fully integrated productivity suite that is easy to use and secure is a must. We deliver more than just access to the tools. Change is hard, but we are here for you! From migration, training, deployment to proactive support and continued upskilling of your employees. It doesn’t matter if you are new to Google Workspace, like our customer Central Bank of West African States, who we moved to Google Workspace in just days, pending a regional lockdown. Or already are a long term user like Britam. We help you change, drive adoption and truly boost productivity on an enterprise level. We are proud to be recognized by Google as the only Workforce Transformation Enterprise Specialists in Africa. Pretty awesome, right?

Workforce Transformation Enterprise specialization

Cloud Adoption

Every organisation is unique and starts at a different place in their road to cloud. Small start-ups with a legacy infrastructure use cloud to build modern applications or infrastructure that is highly scalable, cost effective and the ability to use advanced technology like machine learning or limitless compute power. For large enterprises, the journey is different: phasing out old hardware and transition through a hybrid cloud solution. For them we offer solutions like Anthos and Back-up and Disaster recovery using HYCU. We can move all workload during cloud sprints to the cloud. The partnership with Google Cloud and SAP brings unique benefits. We are specialized in doing so. So no matter where you are, we meet you there and get you here.

Application modernization

Running traditional applications in the Cloud brings you some benefits, but to truly utilize the power of the cloud, applications need to be modernized. Using the available advanced cloud technologies we deliver a wide variety of cloud native applications to our customers. These highly scalable applications are maintenance friendly, cost efficient and always available. Using solutions like conversational AI and Machine Learning, we are able to drive innovative applications that deliver a great return on investment. To beat the competition and delight your users. Get inspired by some of our customer cases. Recently we’ve built a fintech platform for our customer lendXS, a SaaS workflow management solution for our customer MYNA and a WhatsApp based conversational training solution to training youth on the do’s/don’t around COVID-19.

Dennis de Weerd

Dennis launched the Incentro Africa office to make a positive impact on the world. He is generally curious and very excited about the potential that cloud technology brings and how that can have a huge impact on companies and individuals.


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